Sadly, we have to announce that Naturaria fair 2021 has been CANCELLED!

2020 was a special year we all hoped that 2021 would be a lot better. Nobody expected that also in 2021 COVID would still have so much impact.

After COVID made us cancel NATURARIA FAIR, we set a new date on Sunday, September 26, 2021 with good spirit.

Usually we start the preparations for the fair in May and around that time, we also open the registration system. However in the current situation, so many things are still so very unsure that we have to reconsider. 

The following questions arose:

  • Will the exhibitors from abroad (80% of the participants) be willing and able to register and make a transfer to Antwerp, without quarantine when entering Belgium and returning to their country?
  • Will events / fairs (indoor) with more than 2000 people be possible and allowed to take place and under what conditions? (time slots, one-way traffic, limitation of the number of people present, etc.)
  • Should a registration system and time slots be used for the visitors?
  • Are people already convinced and do they already want to attend mass events (fairs)?
  • What will the conditions be in terms of distance, hand disinfection, mouth mask obligation?
  • Not to mention the financial consequences this would have!

The board of TERRA vzw and AQUATOM vzw therefore had to decide with regret to let the health of the employees, exhibitors and visitors take precedence and to postpone NATURARIA FAIR 2021 for another year to September 2022.

We count on your understanding and look forward to seeing you again at NATURARIA FAIR 2022