Fair rules

All traders and visitors are subject to these rules:

  • No animals or plants may be sold that are forbidden to keep according the Belgian legislation. Bear in mind that the Flemish positive list for reptiles became effective in 2019 and that only reptiles that are listed on the Flemish Positive list of reptiles and that have been captive bred may be exhibited, traded or kept in Flanders.
  • If the legislation (Belgian, European or International) requires permits to keep or sell the offered or sold animals or plants, the original documents will be shown and handed over up on a simple request at the fair.
  • The selling or exchanging can only take place within the therefore destined premises (Hall 3).
  • Animals that are offered must be in good shape and shall be exhibited in fitted terrariums and able to be transported in a safe way. The specific needs of every animal must always be fulfilled. (Animal Welfare)
  • Animals who, when escaped, are a potential danger to people, cannot be brought to the fair.
  • The scientific and common name, the natural habitat, Cites status, wild-caught and captive bred and the price (Euro) of every exhibited animal and plant must be clearly mentioned. Animals are preferably sold per breeding group. The purchaser has to be completely informed about the way how to keep the animal in perfect shape at home.
  • No documentation can be distributed outside your own reserved fair trade pitch. It is absolutely forbidden to stick materials to doors, walls or windows.
  • Distribution of flyers or brochures and hanging of posters are forbidden outside your rented table (pitch).
  • Animals may not be sold to children/youth under the age of 16 years who are not accompanied by an adult.
  • The traders have to clean up the stand and take all waste home at the end of the fair.

Exhibitors who do not comply with the regulation may be refused entrance to the fair, without any refund being applicable.
The participant can’t put claims on the organization.
When you confirm your subscription, you declare to agree with the general payment and annulation rules and the Fair regulations.


Payment policy

Upon registration via www.naturaria-fair.be and confirmation through your e-mail address, an overview of your reservations and the amount due will be sent to your e-mail account. Please take note of the Order number, because this will be needed for all further communication and payements!

  • Subscription via website and confirmation of your reservation by e-mail are the final confirmation of agreement.
  • Payment can be done via Paypal, Ideal, Sofort, Mastercard, Maestro,Visa or Bank transfer to
    • IBAN: BE92 0682 0401 0023 BIC: GKCCBEBB (Belfius bank) for TERRA vzw
    • Notice: Order Number + you name / company
  • Bank transfer needs to be done at latest 14 days after registration, after this, your registration becomes invalid and needs to be re-entered.
  • All reservations of 6 meters and more must be paid in advance before 31 August and can no longer be paid at the fair.
  • In the event of non-payment, your registration / place will be made available to other exhibitors on the waiting list after this date. 
  • Your reservation is only 100% guaranteed when payment is at our account and Fair rules are read and approved during registration via the website.
  • EXPRESS CHECK-IN: Payments and approval of fair rules before August 15th results in a GREEN CARD for Express Check-in (entrance parking) on Saturday September 24th 2022 from 5:00 PM until 7:30 PM or Sunday September 25th 2022 from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM (No more jams and waiting)
  • NORMAL CHECK-IN: Payments after August 15th result in a RED CARD (Normal Check-in with certain controls and documents: parking tickets) on Sunday, September 25th 2022 from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM. (REGISTRATION)
  • This year we are in hall 3. The organization will attribute the pitches in chronological order of the received payments and duly approved fair rules.
  • Registrations (Pitches) not fully paid by September 1st will be put available again to other registrants on the waiting list.Annulations policy
  • The layout of the hall will be finalized on 31 August 2022 and afterwards no changes or relocations will be possible, only additions to empty places and replacements.
  • The places of exhibitors who are not present on the day of the exhibition at 9:00 am will be passed on to other exhibitors on the waiting list.
  • Free coffee or tea is provided for all exhibitors from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM at the coffee bar.
  • Toilet visit for the exhibitors is FREE

Annulation policy

With every annulation, we will apply an administrative fee of 25€.

  • Annulations before July 1st will result in a refund of the total amount minus the 25€ administrative fee.
  • Annulations before August 1st will result in a payback of 75% of the total amount minus 25€.
  • Annulations before September 1st will result in paying back 50% of the total amount minus 25€ and minus costs for the parking ticket.
  • Annulations after September 1st do not give any right on refund.
  • Annulations due to serious events (hospitalization, accident, decease, etc…) require a Medical certificate and will result in paying back of 75% of the total amount minus 25€.
  • When the total accommodation of Antwerp Expo is completely booked, we can only pay you back if we are able to rent your pitch and extras to another party. A written annulation from your part is required for this regulation to apply.
  • With no payment and no show up, you no longer have the right to register for the next fair or a subscription to future Naturaria-Fair will only be accepted when paying the total amount in advance at the time of registration (PayPal, etc.;).

The Naturaria Fair team wishes you a nice and pleasant exhibition on 25 September in Antwerp!